Lime Stabilisation

Part of our Ground Stabilisation Service

Lime is a very useful chemical to stabilise and dry the ground. It is widely available, reasonably priced and will transfer some of the most obnoxious ground composite into a usable material. 


Waterlogged sites......Un-compactable soils.... Heavy clay Soils.....Contaminated soils.... Winter Building Projects.......Building sites hampered by wet weather...... Boggy footpaths.... Wet and slippery buggy tracks 

When to Use 

No tipping of site soils and associated costs
Treatment of contaminated soils
No requirement for imported fill or subbase
Effective treatment of very wet materials
Virtually eliminates site traffic
Reduces the impact of winter weather
Shorter programme times
Stronger foundations can reduce blacktop layers

The process

The ground is recylced with our ground reclamation machine until there is the correct mixture of aggregate available to stabilise

The Lime is carefully metered on at the calculated volumes

The Lime is then worked evenly through the material produced by our reclamation machine to a depth of 15-20cms

Should the site require further stabilisation cement would then be metered across the site and worked into the surface to a depth of 15-20cms.

The site is then graded or pitched to facilitate surface water drainage

The site is then thoroughly rolled with either a self propelled vibrating roller or compaction plate to ensure that there are no air pockets left within the material profile.

The site is hydrated to a volume that optimises the chemical reaction needed to bind the aggregate.

The site is then left to cure for the prescribed amount of time

If the client wishes the site would then be surface dressed.